KG Group Internship Programme

The Internship Programme provides high school/university students with the experience of working in a dynamic business environment with various disciplines including marketing, teaching, administration, customer service, event planning, and production management. The company will support you to develop new skills and broaden your exposure, which will enable you to better prepare for the future transition from study to work, and understand your future career interests.

Programme scope

Interns will assist in one or more of the following areas:



Administration and Customer Service


Event Management


Internship periods

Application period: Available now


The internship programme will allow you to gain training experience across one or more different departments of the KG Group. You will be assigned to a mentor to supervise and provide you with regular performance feedback throughout the programme.


You will receive a certificate of completion, constructive review, and training allowance of $6,800 after completing a minimum of 180 hours training. Outstanding interns will receive a reference letter from their mentor. The training schedule will depend on the company’s operational needs and participants’ availabiliity and will be arranged mutually.


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